Function Plotter

x range from to

Enter a function of the variable x in the     above, using the keyboard or the panel.
Angles should be entered in radians.


Programmers Calc allows you drawing graphs of any mathematical function entered by the user. By default, the function is drawn in a range (-∞,∞), but you can also specify your own range for the x variable.

Moving the mouse cursor by clicking the graph allows to shift the graph along the x and y axes, the use of scrolling the mouse changes the scale of the graph.

The function to plot may consist of the following operators and functions:
- Addition, subtraction, multiplication, division
- Intensification and roots
- Natural logarithm and decimal
- Trigonometric functions sine (sin), cosine (cos), tangent (tan), secant (sec) cosecant (CSC) cotangent (cot)
- Hyperbolic trigonometric functions
- Absolute value
- Factorial
and fixed & pi; and e.

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